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Unexpectedly pregnant and terrified ?
You need help, information and time to think.


I can talk forever about my feelings regarding Abortion and so many other choices we face in life. But those would be my feelings. When one is faced with a pregnant for what every the reason is it is a emotional time in there life. Stop, take time out for you and for your baby.
Get information, in other words educate yourself. I am Pro Feminist and Pro Life.
Today we hear about Choices. I never looked at Abortion as a choice. Even though someone close to me wanted me to get an abortion. I was 19 and married, even though I was thinking of a divorce and living with my parents. The only thing I felt like doing was praying and put it in God's hands. I did have a miscarriage due to a domestic violence event. The emotional pain which came alone with the miscarriage ( I have been told) is almost as painful as the emotional pain one feel with an abortion. Even if you work through it at that time. In years to come you may find flashbacks, anger, sadness, gilt, all the emotional risks that comes along with that choice. The best way I have found to help the pain is in writing "pain letters". A letter to the child I lost truly helps. One can get out feelings you did not even know you have inside. I feel there is just something about getting the emotional pain out and on to paper.

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