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My Little List of Feelings
but often fail to identify

  • A      Affectionate, Afraid, Angry, Anxious, Ashamed

  •     Beautiful, Bitter, Bored, Burdened

  • C      Calm, Cheerful, Compassionate, Confused

  • D      Desperate, Disappointed, Disgusted, Divided

  • E      Embarrassed, Empty, Excited

  • F    Fearful, Free, Foolish, Frustrated

  • G     Grateful, Guilty, Gullible

  • H     Happy, Hopeful, Hurt

  • I       Imposed upon, Insecure, Isolated

  • J       Jealousy, Jumpy

  •     Kind

  • L        Lonely, Loving, Lustful

  • M       Mad, Miserable, Mystical

  • N       Naughty, Nervous, Nice, Numb, Nutty

  • O       Outraged, Overwhelmed

  •       Peaceful, Pretty, Put down, Pleasant

  •     Quarrelsome

  •     Refreshed, Rejected, Remorse

  • S        Sad, Satisfied, Secure, Shy, Silly, Spiteful, Sure

  • T        Talkative, Tired, Trapped, Turned on

  • U        Ugly, Unsettled

  •       Violent, Vulnerable

  • W       Wonderful, Worried, Wrought up

  • X-Y      Youthful

  •         Zany, Zonked