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Questions to ask yourself
a dating partner

Can you state particular characteristics of this person that you like / admire?
Is partner glad you have other friends?
Is partner pleased at your accomplishments and ambitions?
Does partner ask for and give consideration to your opinions?
Does this person both talk and listen?
Is this person able to verbalize there feelings?
Does partner have a good relationship with nuclear family?
Does this person have good friends? Does this person have interests besides you?
Do you consider the person a friend as well as a potential lover / mate?
Does partner respect your right to make decisions affecting your own life?
Does this person accept responsibility for there actions (not blame failures/
negative results on others)?
When angry, does this person break or throw things?
Does partner lose there temper easily?
Does this person ask you about your past dating partners?
Does partner expect to be told where you have been when you are not with them?
Does this person think there are any circumstances in which it is okay for a person
to hit another person?
Is partner jealous of your friends or relatives?
Does partner think you are "cheating" on them if you
talk to or are friends with someone else?
Does partner get angry if you are not attentive to them?
Does partner "take over" when you're having trouble doing something,
whether you want them to or not?
Does partner silently sulk when angry?
Does this person drink or take drugs almost every day, or go on periodic binges?
Does this person ridicule you or "put you down"?
Do you like yourself less than usual when you have been with them?
Remember you are a valuable person.
To make good choices and changes in our lives we must learn how
to watch out for the bad ones.