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Let's see what good old Webster said;
Spirit: v, carry away
Spirit: n., soul, ghost, frame of mind, intangible self in man, courage.
Spiritual: a., of the soul or mind, religious.

Here too we need to remember to keep everything in balance. The Mind, Body and the Spirit. Some of us have developed one part more that the other. Sometimes I wonder what we would truly look like if we could take a picture of our self with that idea in mine. Oh why not you can do it. Draw your self as you think of the 3 parts.
There are so many ways one can help our spirits to grow healthy. The ideas I will share with you are ways I do it. I know many of you also have ways. That two is okay. What works for you and me may not work for others. That is why we all are not the same.
Daily Devotional and Pray and other things work for me. I will get into much more later.