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I love Brown Rice, Miso Soup, Tofu, and Green Tea with Ginseng / Honey.
I have even became quite good at eating with chopsticks.
If you knew me 4 years ago you would never think that would have given up my "Diet Dr. Pepper for Tea. "
Or potatoes for Brown rice and would even think about Tofu food instead of Red meat.
And I did not even know what Miso Soup was.
Now it is a every day thing and I feel so much better.
Why did I wait till I was 49 to start this stuff?

I am a freelance photographer . I also work for a living as a portrait Photographer. I love to get all the little ones smile. I am the studio manager and master photographer.
I enjoy the rain on flowers along with warm sunsets.
I love the time with my grandkids even though I do not get to see them as much as I would like.
Some day I may find the time to set down and tell you more about myself. For the time being this will do.
Keep on looking around in my site and come back from time to time and check on me.
Later Pumpkin