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Just one of my
This one is to be
published in "The Looking Glass"
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Puls, Diana

Howdy from Texas

I'll catch both your eye and your interest with my keen sense of adventure,
quick-witted sense of humor and
sweet southern draw.
Not to mention overwhelming charm!
I do not go in for big city interments.
I enjoy the  occasional out-of-town excursion to just get away from it all. I love to travel!
A walk outdoors is always a treat,
especially when my best four-legged friends
Lou Lou  and B.J. are at my side.
Love working in my garden and yard.
I also enjoy quite evenings at home with a good book by a warm fire, but I'm equally happy to make it a "BlockBuster" night.
Most of all just having an old friend to be apart of my life is my idea of a great time.