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Emergency Kit

We all know what an Emergency Kit is. When you get a cut go to the Emergency Kit and get the stuff there to doctor the cut. Well we should also have an Emergency Kit for our emotional emergencies.
This one is what you make. It is for you and your emotional needs. I made one but what I have in mine may not work for you. Therefore, I can only give you the ideas and you will have to make your PERSONAL Emotional Emergency Kit.
To start
We should learn to respond to emotional emergencies. In my studies with Dr. Verle Bell,M.D., a psychiatrist, He gave me 3 very good ways to get a handle on things.
I put each on a index card and put them in my Kit.

After using these three simple responses from my emergency kit; I now carry them around in my head and practice them. Every time something unpleasant happens - traffic lights are too long, grad day, what every. They trully worked. Even my husband had a wreck and had to go to prison. Boy am I glade they are in my head now.

Also have "crisis prayers". It may sound funny to write them down but sometimes when we are in an emotional way our minds just do not think strate. After all that is what an emergency kit is for.
1). Lord, I'm going to nee your help in dealing with this issue. The outcome is yours and I can only try. I even need your help in getting my emotions under control because I realize I usuall overreact.
2)Lord, I thank you for this problem. Thanks for what you are going to do through it to help me grow, benefit others, and bring yourself glory.