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You can find NEW meaning in God's Word

Discover that YOU can find new meaning in God's Word for yourself.
When you read a verse remember.

  1. Do any words jump out at me?

  2. Do any phrases bring a thought to mind?

  3. Do the verse before and after help?

  4. Does this verse remind me of other verses of BIBLE stories which would help?

  5. What is my gut reaction?                                                                                                                Ex: "This is fine for others, but I've tried it and it didn't work!"                                                                "This is wonderful, I've tried it and it works!"

  6. How does the verse make me feel, unless the verse talks to the heart we can't feel.

  1. How can I apply this in my life?

h.    How does this support the 3 steps of: "I can't- He can - so, here goes"?

Now having appealed to God, reminded ourselves that there are practical answers in His Word, we further prepare to face our problems and encourage one another by sharing specific examples of what God has been doing in our lives.
  1. Has He comforted me?

  2. Has He guided me?

  3. Has He taught me a new idea?

  4. Has He helped me apply this idea?

  5. Has He helped me share it with another?

  6. Has He given me the privilege of reaching out to someone else?

  7. Has He gently convicted me while assuring me of His love and support?

  8. Has He given me a burden for another or a situation while assuring me it will be His strength that carries me - the out come is His?

  9. Has He answered a pray?

  10. Has He protected me?

k.    Has He worked out timing and coincidences to teach and help me.
      (Roommates, phone calls, letters, etc.)

To help you keep on track ask yourself 3 questins, which can help you understand life and your walk through it.

  1. I Can't- I am powerless.

  2. He Can (God, Jesus can) - Has all power. So thank Him for helping you.

  3. Here goes - Now go for it.