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Emergency Kit page 2

Some people who are on the go type their emergency kit information on index cards and carry them in a pocket or purse. I put mine in a cute wooden book at home. I also through of things which help me & quot;chill out& quot;.
Some things like a tape of wonderful music I like, poems, hymns, verses, pictures, and other items of encouragement which can help bring me some measure of relief. Which can get me on the right track again. I also made a list of things which could help. Such as flowers, a slow walk, warm bath, Ice Tea with the right music on, ect. You got the idea now go with it. Build that Emergency Kit. You may never know when you will need it. Keep it for the rest of your life. It is funny when things happen that you will be able to go to it and find something which helps.

In doing this page I am looking through my Emergency kit. The things I put in it.
A list of my personal strengths and limitations. The heading on the list is Thank you, Lord. I am myself, and I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
A number of sayings. Such as Guide me, Lord. I have been falling into the trap of deciding for myself what is right and what is wrong. What would you have me do?
There is also a list of feelings. I put that in there because we can not always tell how we are feeling unless we know what feelings are. A few poems and letters from my husband. Pictures of the kids.
There are also charts of cycles in my life. I remember doing them so I could become a good watchman. I will give you the ideas under Watchman.