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Being a Good Watchman

      It is not hard to become a Good Watchman. This only means to become more specific about our wrong behavior patterns. In an effort to better spot the danger we should become more specific about our wrong behavior patterns. Let's begin to examine the time cycles that lead to wrong behavior.
              Let's not forget we are also looking for cycles of drepression. Drepression is not wrong in itself, but it can lead to wrong behavior.
              Every one of us has to watch out for dangerous patterns or cycles of wrong behavior. Even though we still have the desire to run with our wrong behaviors, me also have the power to run to our Higher  Power, who I chouse to call Jesus Christ, receive help, and overcome the temptation.
                So let's become better Watchman. I started with making a list or chart of cycles in my life. It is not hard to do. Think first of certain occasions which come around again and again. You can attach wrong behavior patterns with them.

  • Yearly - Holidays, We have Mothers & Fathers Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and the big one Christmas. Seasonal cycles can stimulate the same kins of patterns. What about patterns surrounding hidden anniversaries. Such as the death of a love one, or a divorce. Your divorce or your parents.

  • Monthly - You will look at your monthly actions. Such as paying bills, balance that checkbook. And if your a woman what about those emotional changes related to our female cycle?

  • Weekly - Working, weekends, off work drinking to much, to much TV or even overeating. Homemakers how about it the kids and husband are on home. Trying to get to much done in 2 days?

  • Daily - Last but not least let's look at the daily cycles. They can wear us down just by there self. Working, driving to and from you know that traffic and the weather. Getting the kids off to school. Missed the bus... etc. you know mom all that stuff.

Okay, now take a moment to write down some of the wrong behavior patterns in your own life, including those which are daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Try to remember the trouble spots that came up again and again so that you can seek God's help with them.

I will tell you just a few that came up on me. There may be new ones from time to time and you will be able to catch them. My father died a number of years ago. The first year after his death I was not even thinking about it being September and it had been one year. But, I was getting depressed. WHY I asked myself. No reason everything was going fine. Ok Diana it must be time to dig deeper. So I did and there it was on the year thing. In just 4 weeks was the time my father had died the year before. Okay now I know and every year after that I knew it may hit me. But with time that date has healed. Now maybe that can help you see how being a Good Watchman will help.

I am working on giving you more help with Feelings, Distorted thinking and more.
Just keep checking on my home page. You can also e-mail me.