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I feel we should start with the Mind.
After all it is at the top.

Webster's says:
mind: n, organ of thought in humans, will

I feel what ever we put into our minds affects the whole body. So how do we develop a healthy mind? How do things get in there in the first place? Through seeing,
hearing, what we read and so on. Learn to be a good watchman. Have an emergency kit. In the time to come I am going to be adding to this site and explain how I have done some of the things I talk about. If you have any ideas or feelings please let me know. That is how we grow , by helping one another.

Have the right tools for the job.
Learn to be a watchman: Watch for cycles in your life. In this way you can beware when you're under attack or a hard time is coming.
Have an emergency kit
ready so when your under attack you will know what to do. We will have it all together before we get under attack. When we are going through problems (attack) sometimes our minds do not think that clearly so we will learn how to make an emergency kit. I will tell you about my kit and what is in it.